Monday, 28 May 2012

pictures and music..... just because.....

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends, it’s been a while since we have an “eyes to eyes” talk…. lol
Well, due to some inner issues I haven’t feeling like blogging and also because the crappy weather it’s been doing I’m in some kind of a fashion route.
What I have been doing may you ask….. I have been hearing lots of music….. too much Adele… and I’m starting to read a book which is a Social Sciences  essay about Death…. Pretty funny, don’t you think…just kidding…… but it’s interesting.
Meanwhile I have been looking for the new trends, reading fashion news and saving pictures that can inspire me.
So I leave with some of them, an Adele’s song and…… until we meet again, my dears....

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  1. I definitely miss seeing your outfits & the background scenery. I sense a bit more introspection and sadness than usual in your words and selections of picture & music. Praying for a breakthrough for you - that the light of Jesus (who IS the "light of the world") will enter your heart/mind/or where EVER there is darkness....

    Me? I've just about shed all my winter poundage that had bogged me down emotionally and am about ready to do more wardrobe posting--not the high fashion that you wear so well, but my thrifted treasures and closet-ware.

    Be well.


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