Monday, 11 June 2012

Getting Started On Your Baby’s First Wardrobe

I have no children, as you know...
But I do not think there is any parent out there who doesn’t want their child to be well dressed. And, as buying trendy clothes for children becomes more accessible than ever as great high-street names introduce baby wear, it is possible for parents to buy sundresses, jeans, shorts and t-shirts in every colour and style going.
While it is lovely that parents are insistent on buying fashionable baby clothes, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your baby just wants to feel comfortable. They have the rest of their teenage and adult life to wear uncomfortable clothes just to look good. Therefore, in your pursuit for casual and classy clothes for your baby, make sure their comfort is not sacrificed.
Typically, it is quite easy to buy the right clothing for your child as sizes are often based on age: a newborn is classed as 0–3 months. Sizes then increase to 3–6 months, 6–9 months, 9–12 months, 12 months, 18 months and lastly 24 months.
Many people buy clothing in double their baby’s age as the child will then be able to grow into the clothes and not just wear them for a two-month period. Also, clothing often shrinks when it is washed, so it may be worthwhile trying the ‘double the age of your baby’ rule.
It is important to consider safety when buying baby clothes because it doesn’t take much for a baby to choke on various additions to clothing, such as bows, buttons and hooks. Therefore, anything that dangles or you consider a choking hazard should be removed.
Loose threads can also prove to be a problem as babies can trap and catch their toes and fingers. Before you put socks on your baby look for loose threads by turning them inside out.
Make sure the materials of your baby’s clothes match the climate. For summer months, you need breathable and loose-fitting clothing to stop your baby getting hot or developing rashes. For winter clothing, make sure you have lots of warm clothing and accessories such as hats and gloves. Adidas Originals at provide perfect tracksuits for kids to wear in colder months.  
As your child gets older it will be more important to buy clothing that is tough and durable so that when your child is playing and falling over you will not be constantly heading to the shops for replacements.  

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