Wednesday, 20 June 2012

bubble gum….

My city is dressing its best clothes to live the biggest festivities of the year, the Sanjoaninas, which are the Saint John’s Festival, starting Friday night, including St. John’s Day (June 24) and during all week, meaning diversion, parades, people, lights, food, drinks, music…

So it seems it makes us feel in a better mood. Besides today was the summer solstice, meaning that here in the Northern Hemisphere we are officially in summer. Maybe for that reason after some days of terrible weather the sun exhibited itself. Let’s hope it will stay, but the forecast is bad weather for the weekend.

On another note when I looked to my pictures and saw the blazer I just remembered of bubble gums, because of its colour and made it this post title.
I must confess that I’ve always been a blazer woman, I have some of different colours and I suppose that it’s a piece which I can call being my style. I guess on this time of the year it’s my most wearable piece, almost as a uniform.
Don’t get me wrong, I also like a lot cardigans, but a blazer is another thing, it can makes a statement and I find it more elegant.
The blouse is also interesting it reminds me somehow a scarf print.




shoes - Promod
pants - Vero Moda
blouse - Primark
blazer - local store
bag - Parfois

I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy in What I wore Wednesday.I hope you all enjoy the posts shared by all the lovely women on this weeks.


  1. It's a great look for you - and I love the color!

  2. There really is no greater celebrations than those of the islands. I remember fondly my trip to Terceira in 2006 and the celebrations that took place during August were alive with tradition and festivities.

    Wishing you a fabulous time for Sanjoaninas. I agree a blazer completes an outfit. Great hand bag too!! xo C. (HHL)

  3. Happy summer, darling!
    Love that blazer!


  4. I was just wondering where you come from.I thought Portugal and that was close.I also live on an island,Crete/Greece.But yours is really in the middle of the ocean.How do you cope with austerity measures?
    Blazers suits you the best but for me it's cardigans.I haven't found a way to feel comfortable in a blazer.Not yet at least!

  5. You look great. I love all the colors! Enjoy the festivals!

  6. Love the blue & pink!!

  7. Linda!
    Adorei o look e as cores!
    Beijo, amiga!

  8. Yay for festivities! As always, I love your color play!

  9. your bright and beautiful clothes are perfect for the sunny weather!


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