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Fall Shoe Trends For Brides..... A Guest Post

A Guest Post that came my way from Shopping GuestPost, with the contribution of James.

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A shoe by itself is an extremely important accessory for any outfit. Even if it just a pair of old sneakers that you are pulling on with your T shirt and jeans, those shoes have to be stylish too! And for a bride, this part of her apparel has to be simply perfect! There was a time when white or ivory was the color of choice for bridal shoes. But with changing times, colors and designs and even the use of various fabrics have emerged strongly on the bridal shoe scene. As with every other aspect of the fashion industry, bridal shoes too go through trends and for this fall, there is some exciting news for brides to be!

There is a resurgence of color coming into the bridal shoes. Pastels seem to be the flavor of the day and the entire gamut of muted and soft shades are finding their way into shoes. Blues, lilacs, pinks – all of them are making bridal shoes prettier this fall. In terms of heels, bridal shoes are showing that they can reach towering heights. The ever popular platform heels have made an appearance and brides are loving the extra height they deliver. For the ultra feminine look, opt for kitten heels. These heels can match almost any kind of shoe so go for them!

Sparkle and glitter are also coming into the bridal shoes this fall. There is no doubt whatsoever that glitter adds that extra bit of oomph to bridal shoes. Choose as much glitter as you want. One of the best looks to wear this fall is the all over glitter, stiletto heel, peep toe heels. You want to make it even more unique? Then add on a satin flower – perhaps your favorite flower or the one that has gone into making your bridal bouquet. Enjoy making a completely unique style statement. Blue shoes are also coming back. Interestingly, blue was the color of choice way back in history!

Fall shoe trends include lots of jewel brooch tones and metal tones in bridal shoes. Silver and gold are the top choices but so is a shimmery blue and other colors too. The shoes are also getting embellished with bows, ribbons and crystal to give them even more class. Some shoe makers have come up with a set of shoes. Something with high heels and lots of add-ons for the actual wedding and something more comfortable and flat heeled for the dancing and partying to follow the wedding. 
 The ever classy lace look is coming into bridal shoes this fall. It can be a closed high heeled shoe or a peep toe shoe but lace work is showing up big time. Bridal shoes made of lace are also being combined with bows to make them superbly feminine. Nude finish shoes are also becoming popular. Brides are also showing a tendency to buy expensive shoes which they can wear even after the wedding. A rather practical thought process! There is a lot of personalization coming into bridal shoes this fall. Initials of the bride and groom are being laid out in crystal on the heels or even the soles of the shoe.


  1. Ah, this touches a sensitive nerve. My wedding was done in 15 mintes. No dress, no shoes. Too complicated to explain why, but no sweat, my marriage is very good.
    But when I see bridal dresses or shoes.... it stings.

    If you want to dress up your shoes, normal or bridal, you could have a look at heelsdiva.com
    They have all sorts of clip-ons for your shoes. Nice. I have three of them and can vouch that you don't feel the clip. Not even on your bear foot.

  2. Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

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