Thursday, 3 January 2013

is there an age to stop wearing red lipstick......?

According to an article at Yahoo Shine, Nurture Replenish Skincare carried a research among 2000 45+ women and asked their opinion on what’s "age appropriate" or not.
That article already attracted more than 7700 comments! Many from women that were outraged by some of the article’s statements.
And why is that? Well because among other things the results stated that 59 seems to be the age that these women felt you should dress more "age-appropriately".
At that age, many felt you should ditch: high heels, red lipstick, tight clothes, false nails, fake tan, leather pants, knee high boots, heavy eyeliner, tight tops, and go for a more natural look.

Bella's, from The Citizen Rosebud, feedback it's so good in this article on the topic that I highly recommend you to read it!!!!

picture from Bella's article


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  2. I think I can wear red lipstick and I am quite conscious of my age and what I am wearing. I cannot find anything wrong with my red lipstick.

  3. I get compliments on my red lipstick. The shade I wear is perfect for me. My make up at 52 is def softer than it used to be, but not because of age. Softer make up is more flattering on most women. But two things that make a difference for me? Mascara and defined eyebrows. And for glam, a little black eyeliner. With the red lipstick of course.


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