Sunday, 13 October 2013

My trip to Paris..... what I wore.... first day....

Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week would be on the next week. But what moved me to go to Paris in that particular week (September 17 to 21) was a way far from anything Fashion related.

When Sister called me and said she would be traveling, with her husband, to the Island on holidays and would spend her Birthday here, I knew I had to do something. Sister always dreamed to go visit Paris, even more than I.
So what a better place to celebrate her Birthday than Paris????
Then I started to press everyone and it came true all the preparations to go on our trip to Paris.

When the time came to pack, we checked the weather forecast and it wasn’t very good. We should be prepared for all kind of weather. But it’s something that we, living on the Island of “four seasons in a day”, are more or less used to. The only thing we had to be very careful was with the shoes. Paris is a city to walk, so flats and shoes that are broken in are a must.

And then our adventure trip of four days in Paris began. Such a WOW trip.
Since I was focused on having a good time, visiting the most we could and enjoying Paris, I didn’t take any pictures with the purpose of showing my outfits better.
So I will show you the pieces of the look and then some pictures in it, that give you a perception how I looked.

Our hotel was in the middle of “Quartier Latin”, near La Sorbonne and Les Jardins de Luxembourg.
We arrived latter night on September 17th.

The first day (September 18th) we started going to the Arc of Triumph and then walked through the Champs Elisée.
Next “Grands Magasins du Printemps”, “Galeries Lafayette “ and ‘’L’Opéra ‘’.
On the way to Place the La Concorde and just before we stopped to lunch, it started to rain. It was our “rainy” day.

Here is what I wore on my first day in Paris:
 photo SAM_6434_zpse76f4078.jpg

Black moccasins
Grey jacquard pants
Berry shirt
Forest green blazer
Printed scarf
Colour block bag (black, ochre, cream and yellow)

 photo SAM_6271_zps47d45e67.jpg

 photo Placevandome_zps1e10d303.jpg

 photo SAM_6276_zpsa40f17a2.jpg

The first Parisian bridge where love gets 'locked' forever was Pont des Arts...... now it's so full that other bridges are being used...... I know the Parisians don’t like it, but I think it’s so lovely that I clamped a padlock on a bridge..........
(My hair was a mess with the wind and rain we got that day)

 photo bridge_zps8ae1a991.jpg

On second day….. well, second day will be for another time. I’ll be back…… until then :)


  1. I think this site is for everyone who is interested in such things.

  2. Hi there! So pleased you had a lovely time in Paris and such fabulous photos! I hope you are well! Xx

  3. Hi my dear! So lovely to hear you had a lovely time in Paris and such fabulous photos! I hope you are well xx

  4. Oh my friend so wonderful to see you blogging! Sounds like a fabulous birthday get away... your outfit is perfect for an autumn day in Paris... hugs and blessings C. (HHL)

  5. PARIS!?!
    So thrilled for you - and glad you're "back"! I have missed you.

  6. Hey Seeker, what a wonderful way to start a new blogging year. You looked so pulled together in that outfit. Great for elegant city walks. Actually, with that gorgeous bag, you could have worn rags and still looked good.
    Looking forward to day 2.


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