Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Louis Vuitton's L'Invitation au Voyage - Venice.....

"Close your eyes and you are there.... The next chapter of Louis Vuitton's L'Invitation au Voyage awaits. Get ready to join the mysterious guests of Louis Vuitton's masquerade ball with L'Invitation au Voyage - Venice, featuring David Bowie and Arizona Muse."

Watch this fabulous video,  loaded of magic, where the American model Arizona Muse (no really, that’s her name) plays a lady who lands a hot air balloon in Venice and ends up at a fancy-dress party, where Bowie is playing the Next Day song “I’d Rather Be High” on a harpsichord. This is all tied in with a new Vuitton ad campaign, which also features Bowie. The movie’s only a minute and a half long, and you can watch it below.

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