Wednesday, 27 November 2013

mustard and black...... my quilted pleather jacket.... what do our clothes say about who we are...

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There’s a fabulous line early on in "The Devil Wears Prada":
“Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.”
What do our clothes say about who we are or who we think we are? How does the way we dress communicate messages about our identity? Is the desire to be "in fashion" universal, or is it unique to Western culture? How do fashions change?
Much of what we assume to be individual preference really reflects deeper social and cultural forces. Ours is an ambivalent social world, characterized by tensions over gender roles, social status, and the expression of sexuality.
What we wear and how we look is our only way to communicate who we are to people without dialogue. Clothes are indicators of our personalities, likes, values and subcultures we may be a part of. We are in a constant stage of reflecting our identity and the only way we can do that in the physical world is through our bodies. Our bodies are physical representations for defining how we choose to be perceived as individuals.

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A quotation that I find interesting and related:

"Long before we're old enough to do anything on our own, we're old enough to dress ourselves. When we stand bewildered in a closet or a department store dressing room, what we're confronting is one of life's fundamental questions: Is this me? And: Would I like this to be me? Under what stretch of the imagination might this possibly be me? And finally: Who am I? ... Clothes are a constant act of self-definition ..."

 ~ Nora Ephron, Elle Magazine guest editor, October 2009

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black booties - local store
mustard pants - Yessica
black with white stripes shirt - H&M
black pleather jacket (quilted parts) - Vero Moda
mustard scarf - H&M
rubi brooch - gift from Hubby
cat eyes sunnies - Mango

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To all my dear readers and blogging friends who are celebrating it, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Amei!
    Muito linda!
    Beijo, amiga!

  2. The mustard yellow looks good on you!

    You pose a good question about what our clothes say about who we are. I think back at all the different phases in my life and how I dressed in each stage. Truly telling of what was going on with me at the time.

    Each day, I dress mainly on how I feel for that day or need to feel for that day. ;)

    Today, we have had a mix of snow and my youngest daughter and I have been busy pre-baking what we could for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Thank you for the holiday wishes! :)

    Cat x

  3. Loving the mustard trend. I loved the movie version of "The Devil Wears Prada" but the book...hmmm not so much. It was boring and the main character/writer came across as entitled and whiney.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. I have some jeans just like that (bought second-hand). I love the color, especially with black and white, as you've done here. Really cool looking outfit with that jacket!

  5. One of my favourite looks: yellow (OK mustard) with black. You look very much the part my dear. I like that touch of red with your brooch. Would have liked to see it up close. It adds another interesting layer to your outfit. Sometimes ithese little things can be so subtle yet so impactful.
    Love the jacket and the trousers.


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