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Très Chic Style Bits #5 | mixing stripes with leopard......

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 photo stripesandleopard1_zps2f072452.jpg

This is what I wore yesterday when hunting for shoes, (by the way I didn’t get any). You know, I’m struggling with shoes. I always have been a high heels girl and for many years I was lucky enough to have a free parking car, outside my office’s building.

But then “they” took away from us the possibility to park there. So if I don’t want to pay to park all day (and having a huge parking bill at the end of the month) I have to leave my car in a park that makes me walk about 15 minutes to my work.

Hmmm… and the Portuguese cobblestone of the city, despite all its beauty, is not the more appropriated road surface to walk with high heels...

I tried to take my heels in a bag and change the flat shoes for them when I arrived at the office, but that didn’t work. I always felt weird.
And then I realized that I no longer I’m able to walk on those high heels I have. Is this a sign???? Is this a "normal" thing?????
But I’m not giving up of heels, I want at least some middle ones. However all that I see in stores are flats or super high ones.

But back to my outfit I really like to mix strips with leopard.

 photo stripesandleopard2_zps2e5c5c2f.jpg

Hubby took me these photos in the street outside my home. At some point I saw that my neighbor’s four dogs were all seated together in line, looking at us like if they were watching an entertainment. That made me laugh a lot as you can see a glance in the picture below.

 photo stripesandleopard3_zps763074e8.jpg
camel booties - Seaside
black pants - Yessica
brown with black stripes top - Zara
red studded cardigan - local store
animal print scarf - Zara

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  1. I love the bright spark of that red sweater! It looks really nice with black and tan.

    I can't wear high heels much at all. About 2 inches is as high as I go, but it's hard to find really pretty shoes with heels that low.

  2. I LOVE that last picture of you! :)

    Are you looking for low heel or flats to wear? I bet the cobble stoned streets would be a challenge especially if you have to walk a long distance.

    Cat x

  3. You look great! Love your poses!


  4. I have the same parking trouble having to walk a fair distance from my car to the office. I put my nice shoes in a trolley together with sandwiches, dossiers etc. and put on low heeled boots (winter) or ballerinas (summer) for walking to the office. It works for me although it is not ideal.
    Your outfit looks very nice. That cardigan is such a cheerful piece.
    Scarf, shirt and cardigan make a good combination , one which I would not have thought of.
    And I like your smile in the last picture.

  5. Bonito look, sigue así.
    Saludos amiga.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice to meet you! I have linked up and I love these pics and I agree; love the leopard with the stripes! xoxo

  7. We're almost twins ... well, sort of! Brown and black stripes! Of course ... I knew you had excellent taste. Love how you put red and leopard with yours. So cute!
    Love the wee little doggy bombs, too.
    I go everywhere in heels, but then I'm more stubborn (and lucky in my foot shape, perhaps.) Wellies, maybe? Better yet, get someone to chauffeur you to work so you can be comfy in your heels! Maybe not, but it's a good fantasy. I'd go mid-heels too, but I agree that they are tough to find!
    Have a great week, Seeker. Thank you so much for hosting!

  8. Dearest Seeker,
    Oh, this is NOT only you about those studid(!) skyscraper heels that we find at the stores right now. I am feeling so fortunate for having kept my old (yes, some are over 30 years!) shoes and boots in pristine condition for walking comfy. So I did link my old boots and leopard and tiger cow hide skirt from Escada with you here.
    Guess your neighbors four dogs were looking at your mixed stripe, dots, animal prints the same way as I look at them. Without that red cardigan it would have looked a lot nicer! Camel booties go perfectly well with your top and scarf (I cannot enlarge the photo for seeing the actual print...) and the hemline of your black pants is perfect; makes you look slimmer!
    When looking at such stupid heights of any heels, shoe, sandal or boot, I ask myself the question: 'How would anyone in the case of an emergency make it to safety in no time?'
    We all know the answer and that's why I leave them ALL sitting on their shelves...
    Hugs to you!

  9. I had to give up heels years ago, but I've worked very hard to get into better shape and I can wear them again!Granted, 3" is my limit but it's nice to be 5'3" every once in a while LOL!
    I love what you're wearing and those booties are classic and gorgeous. I hope you can walk in them;-)


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    Saludos cordiales


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