Friday, 17 January 2014

Michelle Obama's style

On the day she turns 50 years, nothing like peeking some of the looks that mark the style of the American first  lady Michelle Obama, known even in another countries for being like an icon style.

Michelle is known for mixing, as few, textures, colours and accessories. And sometimes wears a designer piece as she is able, the next day, to appear at a public event with a H&M dress (already happened, actually).

In addition, Obama's wife knows how to take advantage of her body type. Marking the waist is one of her tricks, so the belts are her best allies - getting well over dresses, knitted cardigans, skirts and even coats.

High waist pieces, mixing colours, and wearing patterns are other tricks of the American first lady, used to make the most of her 1.80 m tall.

Here are some of her looks, truly inspiring........

 ~~ pictures found on the web

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