Sunday, 26 January 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #12 | SEO concerns in green sweater, pleather pants

Once again time for our Link Up Party “Très Chic Style Bits”.
Our last party was great and all due to the stylish bloggers that took some time to take part of it. A big thank you to all.
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To tell you the truth, I was never much dedicated to see what my blog’s stats were.
But one thing I was very proud about was my Page Rank. I had a PR of 4, as you can see in this picture) which was very good.
Suddenly last December my Page Rank downed to 3. Despite it’s not that bad, but for me I felt terrible. And I don’t know why it happened.
So lately I’ve been learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I’ve been finding it very interesting. Maybe I’ll try a few things I’ve learned and with this I’ll get back my older PR.
Tell me do you use to check what your Page Rank is? Do you apply SEO in your blog?

green sweater leather pants photo greensweaterleatherpants2_zps6c43fb7f.jpg

When I took these photos it was raining, thus I had to take them indoors. So I utilized the entrance of our main Church.

This sweater was a Christmas gift, as well as the brooch, of Hubby.
Once again the pleather pants…. lol, they are great for this rainy and cold weather.

green sweater leather pants photo greensweaterleatherpants3_zpsbea9af52.jpg

A detail of the sweater, where you can see better the brooch.

green sweater detail photo greensweaterdetail_zpsbeec9a90.jpg

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  1. Well, I didn't even know there was a method of knowing one's page rank. So I learned something new already. I admit, I'm fairly clueless about SEO, but will add that to my list of all things bloggy!

    You look lovely in your demure shades of green. Very calming...perhaps the setting adds to this beauty!

  2. It really hasn't even been on my radar screen; here's a blog post that talks about how it's pretty irrelevant today.

  3. I never think about that stuff, but then, I'm just doing this for fun. It is nice to get good stats, though, and lots of comments.

    I love your outfit - the dark green is a good color for you and looks great with the pleather pants!

  4. I'm trying to learn about SEO. I've checked Google Analytics but I'm not entirely sure how to read them LOL. One of my resolutions this year is to learn how to boost my site's readership and ranking.
    I love that sweater as the pop of green against black, You look so slim and the color is wonderful on you!


  5. I love your sweater, what a beautiful green! The brooch is also gorgeous!
    Very good taste!
    I'm so happy that your blog is doing so well! Congrats. . . You deserve it!

  6. I would love to hear what you learned about SEO. That stuff just bores me to bits. If someone else can do all the hard work and just give me the Cliff notes I'm happy : )

    Love those pants. Sexay!


  7. LOVE your sweater!! Awesome color on you!1 I've been wanting to join in but since I've beern homebound my styling activities run to yoga pants and fleece tops!!
    I have no idea what SEO even is--I just checked my ranking and I'm NA--LOLOLOL

  8. That green sweater looks gorgeous with your hair!

  9. Mucho mejor cada día, es un bonito estilo el que luces.
    Un beso de tu amigo.

  10. All of the sudden I'm totally into green...and your sweater is the most gorgeous shade there is! Looks awesome with the black pleather pants and boots - good job, Mr. Seeker!

  11. Pretty you! Haircut? Very pretty sweater ... such a great length, and the leather leggings take it from sweet to elegantly edgy! Lovely entrance to your church! Such great architecture where you are. Classic... just like you! Your husband gifted you with such a pretty brooch, too. He has excellent taste!
    Have a great week!

  12. And ... I wouldn't worry about page ranking. I never check because this is a part of my life where I don't want to compete. It would make me crazy. I do check to make sure people are able to access it, but forget for weeks at a time to look at stats.

  13. I used to worry about my stats but then I would respond thoughtfully to people's comments on my blog and make my own comments on other people's blogs and soon I was too busy making new friends to even check my stats. I love finding new blogs through word of mouth and comments. Which is how I found myself here. Followed Jan @ Fort Smith Stylista's link to you. Fun times! Am linking up with you right now. :D

    M @

  14. Beautiful sweater .. your look is great ... wishing you a fabulous week and thank you for hosting..Hugs, C. (HHL)

  15. Yes, since a few months I am doing my best with SEO. I have installed YOAST for SEO and it is working fine. I think.
    For the rest I am not worried about ranking, audience or whatever. I do this for fun, not to get a worry.


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