Wednesday, 5 March 2014

and the Award goes to….

Some posts ago the sharp, insightful, beautiful and stylish Jan from Fort Smith Stylista nominated me to the "Golden Blog Award" and I feel so privilege that she thought of me for this so cool and gorgeous award.
Jan is one of those angels who are just people you have in your life or you just met at some point...
They send you a message when you needed it the most or they give you something or they help you in a way you didn't thought possible... And your burden gets lighter and your smile comes back...
And I'm lucky enough, even across the miles, to have her in a part of my life... Thank you dear!

Golden Blog Award

Here's how it works:

1. Post a picture of the award, or create your own (check)
2. Link to the person who nominated you (check)
3. Give 10 random facts about yourself (below)
4. Nominate other bloggers (with a break but check (lol))

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1 – English isn’t my mother language.
2 - Paris is the foreign city I know that I love the most.
3 - My university degree is in social sciences.
4 - I work at the Public Administration of the Archipelago as a senior, so I’m at civil service.
5 - I’m a very sensitive person, so I drop in tears easily if something touches my feelings.
6 - I love hugs and kisses, open smiles and laughs.
7 - I’m very attached to exotericism and spiritual things.
8 - I don’t like to wake up early. I just start to function well around 9 am.
9 - I really love lazy mornings and moonlight serenades. And I think full moon is as beautiful as sun set.
10 - I like very much travelling. In fact sometimes I need it; the island can constringe and may set the desire to leave with the certainty of the return.

Well, I could tell you more things about me, but then I would have to kill you… and that would be a big problem! LOL

Now the rules state that I should nominate other bloggers. And that’s with great pleasure that I pass it (breaking the rules – sometimes I’m so (pseudo) maverick) to all my Followers. It’s always interesting to know more about fellow bloggers.


  1. Such interesting things you've shared with us Seeker. I'm curious, but no need to answer, have you shared with us where you live? Here, you share that you live on an island.

  2. Wow ... Thank you so much, Seeker, for saying such nice things about me! I'm not nearly so cool, but it was very nice of you to say them! We would never have met except for your own heart-felt and very interesting blog and writing!
    1. Your English is great. I am always impressed by how many Europeans speak multiple languages. Americans are not great at that, and I wish I had paid better attention to languages in school!
    2. I'm so glad that you've traveled to one of the cities I most want to visit. Dan's been, but not me, and I really need to go there ... it's on my Bucket List! I love your posts from there a lot!
    3. Dan's degrees are in sociology and psychology, and that tells me a little about 4 and 5. The social sciences sometimes lead to difficult professions that deal with tough emotional issues. That's why Dan is in another business ... he didn't want to experience the sadness the civil service jobs in mental health can present.
    6. That's wonderful ... I wish you many of all of them!
    7. That's one of my favorite things about you, that you continue to evolve and grow in that way. Challenging, and often difficult, but worth it ultimately, I think.
    8. You're in good company. 9 am IS early, isn't it?
    9. What a lovely thing to think and say! Says volumes about your understanding of

  3. Seeker, dear ... I'm having trouble posting here
    but I'm rea

  4. Yes, Jan is a lovely woman. I agree with you. Knowing you for a while now, made me familiar with a few of the facts you shared, but there still were surprises.
    Keep on blogging.


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