Monday, 17 March 2014

Kings and queens.....

If you are married, I bet you have a photograph somewhere where you are a queen and your husband is a king. Every wedding photograph you have portrays you and him as royalties. All the San Francisco City Hall wedding photos, all the Venice themed wedding photos, show the kings and the queens of love.
There is one day in your life when the world is yours and that is your wedding day. Capturing every single moment of it is simply mandatory. Otherwise, how would you remember it all? Starting with your white sparkling shoes and ending up with the chocolate cake, everything has to be remembered. The best way to make the moment of the sacred celebration last longer is to take pictures of it. The photographer with his camera can freeze your day as a king and a queen. So you can look at it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in 20 years.
You may wear your invisible crown every day, but at your wedding everyone gets to see it and everyone is happy for you. The photographs have to be always amazing, because every bride is beautiful and every dress is perfect. The confidence and the love can be seen in the couple’s eyes.
The royalty here is not about the money, the cars and the gold. It is all about the confidence love can bring out of people and the magnificent event that looks just like a regal ball. Only look at the wedding pictures of your friends or of yours, you’ll see that the groom is the bride’s king. The bride is the groom’s queen and you can see it all in their eyes, moves and attitude.
The magical wedding photographs are basically the most significant memories you get to have. They mark a special beginning in your life when you are no longer alone. Your love is your crown and sitting next to your spouse means sitting on your golden throne. The camera is the major witness at the sovereign event of love. Unlike the guests, the camera will not distort the reality with subjectivism and too much alcohol in the blood. Only looking at your wedding photographs will make you notice the kingly side of the celebration that took place in your heart.
Saying “I do” means transforming yourselves in kings and queens for one special evening.

~~~~~~~  Disclosure, this is a guest post

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