Sunday, 2 March 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #17 | Is this worth to publish, in green and plaid.....

Although these pictures give the impression that the weather here, at the Island, is good this was one of the few days that the sun shined last week.
I got sick one of the days and I didn’t go to work….. a danger combination… me alone with my thoughts.

plaid pants green sweater mustard turtleneck

I had time to think about the evolution of the 40+ fashion/style blogs and my place in that niche.

When I started blogging, it was the year of 2007, yes almost 7 years ago, 40+ fashion/style bloggers were just a few (at least that I knew of), compared with the number we can see now.
That time we had a tough phase, there were quite a few haters, people that didn’t understand what we were doing, and we had some lousy comments and pressure to quit.
Some of us abandoned the blogosphere, some manage to stay and some are among the successful.
As for me, I always have been just a simple and normal working woman (and more and more on a budget), which means I take my shots with the outfits that I go to work or to do something on weekends. That time I had no doubts, I always published my photos, because I wanted to learn, I wanted to see me as if I was someone else, in a different perspective from the one in the mirror, trying to accept myself, to see my mistakes but also to see my good ideas.

plaid pants green sweater mustard turtleneck

Time went by…. Now 40+ fashion/style bloggers are much more. There are many great blogs with amazing looks, even stunning street style fashion…
I’ve gained some weight and my figure isn’t "Moss-Perfect". Actually I totally admit you aren't going to see any revolutionary outfits on here.
And seeing those amazing 40+ women the perfectionist in me started to appear.
And instead of feeling confident with what I know now I find myself more and more insecure if a look is worth to publish.
Because I would very much like if I could inspire some readers to add a scarf, a fun pair of shoes or belted something, even just so they realize it is okay to have a basic pair of black pants to toss on from time-to-time.
But for that I must try to overlook that perfectionist in me that says “no, this is not good enough”…
And before I press the publish button I have been asking myself…
“Do I still matter….Is this worth to publish????”
And I never know the answer!!!!

plaid pants green sweater mustard turtleneck

Now, let's have some fun and be inspired by other stylish bloggers; Here's how it works:
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  1. I say yes...stick with it as long as you're having fun! I'm one of the newer 50+'s been almost a year and nearly 100 posts. I have only a handful of followers and only get a few comments on most posts, but I'm having fun doing my thing! Some of us aren't destined to get big...we're just normal gals still having fun with what we wear...and ain't that grand!?!

  2. Of course you still matter! If you have to have a "perfect body" to do this then I need to quit right now. The point is you're showing real women that they matter, too - and that means a lot!


  3. Oh, my dear! I can completely relate! I, too, am a perfectionist and when I see other bloggers' perfectly shot pictures against picturesque backgrounds, or when I read really thought-provoking copy, or when I spy outrageously amazing outfits that I know I can never put together, let alone afford, I wonder why I even bother with my blog. After all, I doubt I'll ever make money from it and my day job keeps me pretty busy and fulfilled as it is.

    But then I remember why I did it - to keep me honest about my spending and also to get over feeling terrified of being in front of the camera - and why I continue to do it - to meet and connect and be a part of other women's lives. And I forget all about competing with other bloggers or with my perfectionist self.

    We all have something to offer each other, and you, my friend, offer us sunny smiles, a terrific linkup every week, and a truly positive personality that shines through even across oceans and miles of interweb.

    Keep it up, Seeker. I will always appreciate you and all you do!

  4. I agree, as long as you're enjoying and it's fun, it's worth doing. I do like the blend of colors in this outfit.

  5. I think everyone of us has that thought once in a while, especially when one is not feeling well. I think it is important that you publish your outfits because you care how you look. Documenting it for yourself is an important step in this. In Alaska, many people just throw on to stay warm. They say it does not matter, it's Alaska. It matters. Everyone should matter to themselves. This means one should care about how one looks. You will be treated better by other when they see you matter to yourself. And don't worry about "those stylish bloggers". First many of them did not pay the clothes they wear. Some can only pull it off because they are still in there 20s. And is that how they run around in real life? Certainly not unless they are hired/professional bloggers. You publish your style. Many people enjoy your style. I like browsing blogs of bloggers who have quite a different style than I do. It is entertaining to look at photos of outfits where people spend some thoughts to make it an art to dress on a budget. You want to look effortlessly chic, not unaffordable chic on your blog. And that's what you do.

  6. I think the 40 plus personal style community is just that! COMMUNITY! I love it, and I'm grateful and appreciative for bloggers just like you Seeker! We all bring something to the table within our community with every post!

    Thank you so much for hosting Tres Chic Style Bits!

    PS I accepted your lovely award in my most recent post!

  7. You will always matter, my dear! You will always matter!

  8. You look fantastic!
    You have palm trees & I have sleet & snow - at least I chose
    now to have a broken back before spring arrives!
    Spring is going to be good for all of us!!

  9. Seeker, as a newish blogger of the 40+ age group , I wish to thank you for leading the way and continuing after what sounds very tough. I was drawn to your blog because it relates to me as a non wealthy, not model slim woman. Keep up your good work and thank you for Tres Chic Style Bits.

  10. All bloggers think about stopping, about the "why do I do this?". I have been hearing it from many of them. I think aboit it twice a month. And if I see young, slim models with perfect, sharp photos and beautiful outfits I want to pack it in immediately. But I don't. We all have our little place in this blogging world. We don't have to be everything to everybody. Just some to some. Does this make sense?
    And you look very nice with the green and the checked trousers. Love your big brooch.

  11. I think we all go through that. Some days more than others for sure.

    If you think more about connecting with other like minded individuals rather than leaving a big mark on the blogging world it is a more achievable goal and I find less pressure inducing.

    Also, we always put the most pressure on ourselves. It's great to strive to be better, but as they say, comparison is the thief of joy.


  12. You absolutely matter, and your blog is always more than just WIW. Your blog pretty much exemplifies what I like about my favorite Over 40 Bloggers ... always thoughtful, always dressing to a point, always something more than just fabric. You've been around for much longer than most of us, and I'm so glad I finally found your smart, insightful, and often style-inspiring posts. I don't think many of us do this to be a "success" in the sense that professional fashion pundits do. I like it that we all form a presence, a growing sector of the blogging world that keeps the mature woman visible and outspoken and involved. If you didn't post and inspire, we would all be diminished.
    I get ideas from your posts all the time. I do think your feminine green sweater in the delicate knit works really well with the menswear plaid and slightly tough booties. I love it that I know women like you, half way or more around the world who worry about the same concerns when we dress and look in the mirror.
    So, yeah. It's a worthy outfit and a more than worthy woman wearing it.
    Hugs to you, Seeker, and I hope you're feeling better. Spring isn't far away, now!

  13. The ladies here have given such wonderful insights! I would like to echo what the others here say, when in doubt always go back to why you are blogging.

    I'm new to blogging too and I blog because it makes me happy. I dress up and try to be presentable because as a work at home mom, I can easily just wear sweatpants all day.

    I'm one of your new followers and hope you continue what you love to do!

  14. What a delightful discovery, keep up the chic!

  15. My favorite bloggers are the ones who seem so real! If we wanted to look at perfect bodies in designers outfits, we could just buy a magazine. The charm of the blogosphere is that we get ideas from real women, with real bodies, and real budgets!
    Don't quit!
    Dawn Lucy


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