Sunday, 16 March 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #19 | how I wore my faux leather skirt......

This was a crazy and busy week at the office, ending with me being sick with a huge migraine which didn’t allow me to be at the computer from Friday evening until now.
And even now just because I didn’t want to miss our weekly Link Up Party.
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Oh, the Coco Made Me Do It Giveaway is still running…. Go for it if you like the T-shirt.

Once again something that isn’t much seen on my style, a skirt.
I really like this skirt, it’s faux leather and I think the cut flatters my body type.

black faux leather skirt

I have been trying to do an “About Me” page, but it’s being too demanding and taking too much time.

I think it’s one of the cons of blogging in a foreign language. I guess I’ll do a post about it. How difficult sometimes it is blogging in a foreign language, especially when you want to share deep thoughts.
(This picture bellow isn't very good, but....)

mustard turtleneck

I also have been thinking about the name of my blog. When I created it, it meant perfect sense for me. Not that it still doesn’t, just for me, but I don’t think it gives to possible readers the notion of what I blog about. They may have a clue reading the sub-title….. but….
However changing the title of a blog at this point…. I can think of many troubles with links and other things…..
Some insights???

tweed red jacket
black boots - local store
black tights - Calzedonia
black faux leather skirt - local store
mustard turtleneck - C&A
red tweed jacket - Vero Moda
necklace - (H&M) gift from sister


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  1. I know I hate changing anything about my blog. There is always trouble when I do that and I need skilled people to help me.
    As for your skirt: yes I agree with you, this is flattering. Lovely with the nice jacket.

  2. I think that you're skirt is fabulous in every way...makes me want to run out and get one, but I just bought a faux leather moto jacket. Better stop for now!
    I added my Fashionista blog to my Alter Ego Mexicana site, and that turned out to be a hassle...good luck!

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well :-(
    I can understand how challenging it can be to try to blog in a second language. I actually learned to speak English by watching TV.
    I ended up changing the name of my blog when I changed servers. I imported all of my previous posts and did a url redirect so I didn't lose any posts in the process.
    The skirt is lovely, especially with that burgundy jacket!


  4. Love the skirt! I'm a computer disaster. Totally unsure about changes to one's blog . . . sorry! :)

  5. What a beautiful and stylish outfit! I would love to score a leather skirt someday.

    I don't have a lot of tips regarding changing the blog name as I'm new to blogging. But I would think you might have some challenges with the migration. You probably have to redirect everything including links to the new site for a few months just to make sure everything is working.

  6. Your skirt certainly is a very flattering style and goes so well with the orange and red.
    Good luck with the blog change, if you decide to go ahead. I have toyed with a name change but the as I,m very computer challenged, not so sure.

  7. Thank you again, Seeker, for hosting this gathering. I'm sorry to be so late in joining everyone.
    Of course, I love your skirt and that jacket is wonderful. Very pretty choices, and it's a very flattering combination on you. You wear it well! (I'm very interested in skirts at this point in late winter ... we'll wear our leather skirts into spring this year, I bet!)
    Your title is what brought me to your blog. I like the idea of including the search for style as part of one's internnal life. You might wish to add a more detailed description below your title, but I like what's there already. Pretty much says it all. I'm in awe of your command of English, and I'm so happy you write at all!
    I understand the urge to dress up your blog a bit with spring on it's way!
    Have a great week ... you look lovely!

  8. Hope you are feeling better.
    Your whole outfit looks great. I really like how you paired the different textures in your outfit.
    When it comes to working on the blog whether its an About page or plug in it takes thought and work. I personally like your the title of your blog. The title describes what we are all attaining or have achieved.
    When it comes to my blog I have a journal and I will write what changes I think I would like to make or ideas I may have then when I feel like I am ready I will incorporate those changes in my blog. The beautiful thing about a blog is that you can always add new things or bring back in the information you took out because it's your blog.


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