Sunday, 30 March 2014

Très Chic Style Bits #21 | blue and green.....

We had the luck to have a day of sunshine last week, when I took these pictures, seeming that Spring could stay, but then the weather returned to the cold and rainy Winter…
It was a tough week for me, because I have been sick of my eyes. Well you know, I use contact lenses and with that conjunctivitis I had to stop wearing them and spent the less time on computer.
I’m feeling a bit better and so here we are for our weekly Link Up Party.
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green blazer blue pants

Every time I wear blue (yes, I can sure you, the pants are navy blue) with green I always remember my Mom who used to say that one of the fashion rules was not to mix blue with green.
And here I am wearing them together……

colourful scarf green sweater

This scarf is so colouful that it seems to suppress all the other pieces.

blue pants green sweater
bordeaux booties - La Redoute
navy blue velvet pants - C&A
forest green blazer - Najma
aquamarine sweater - La Redoute
colourful scarf - gift (Mango)

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  1. Love your color choices here and that great scarf! Thanks for hosting a linkup!

  2. I love blue and green together, my addiction this year.. Spring I swear will never arrive, woke up to 10 cm of snow this morning

  3. you looks so fabulous in this and i also like so warmly to blue and its also looks you very decent colorful and beautiful

  4. We're both wearing blue and green today! I would love to own a pair of velvet pants like yours.

    I hope you feel better and keep on resting your eyes.I know it's hard with wanting to visit all the blogs and surfing the internet in general. Have a great week ahead!

  5. Looking fantastic! Oh, the colours we were told never to mix. My sister, a red-head, had a list of things she was not allowed to wear. Now? Anything - and I do mean anything - goes!

  6. Blue and green? Yes! Why not? You look wonderful, and the jacket is a great fit on you, isn't it? Pretty scarf, and I envy those boots ... beautiful color. Hope you're having a great week. I'm still catching up from last week on comments!

  7. Nowadays blue and green go so well together. The rules from your mom's time do not apply anymore.

  8. I remember being told that blue and green should never be seen, without a colour in between. So glad the old rules no longer exist, as you look wonderful in them.Hope your eyes have cleared and this week will bring sunshine.

  9. I love blue and green together! There are no rule in fashion, that's what i say, as long as you feel good in it and you look fabulous. Glad you're feeling better. Thank you for hosting this link-up!

  10. Too funny - I have the same hang-up about pairing blue and black. But I'm slowly getting over my issues and I'm happy to see you're overcoming "fashion don'ts" as well. Don't you love being a rebel? And looking mighty fine at it too! :D I covet your scarf!

  11. Thank you I would have never paired these colors thank fabulous!


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