Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I express my gratitude......

The ones who know me for a longer time also know that in this day I always try to write something, no matter how I feel.
Because today is a very important day for me. It’s the anniversary of one of my turning points and for all the reasons I must be grateful.

Just knowing that Spirituality’s good can come from life's bad is one of the most liberating concepts in the entire Universe.
After that I learned that Spirituality didn't require me to strictly follow the rules of a particular "religion" acting out all sorts of rituals and traditional religious rites of passage... sure those things are wonderful, when they have meaning to the individual acting them out... but what Spirituality really wanted from me was a "Relationship"... wanted ME, what was in MY heart! Wanted to change me from the inside out, create within me the ability to grow into a better person…

“Do not worry about what the world wants of you. Worry about what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who are more alive.”

~ Lawrence LeShan



  1. Love that quote! Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.


  2. My dearest sweet friend ... having walked in similar shoes I admire the way you have moved past and forward. I know there are times when the darkness may sneak into our lives - recalling all that changed in that blink of an eye. You are so correct, when we step away from man-made/organized rules and allow our natural spirituality to bloom we are able to connect and work with our higher self and source (God) and learn that being of service to all in love, caring, respect, understanding, is such a blessing. Many hugs to you my friend...Ce. (HHL)

  3. Have a blessed day my friend...
    love, Jesse

  4. 'People who are more alive'. Love this!

  5. Love the quote Worry about what comes alive because what the world needs is more who are alive. Certainly a great deal of truth in that statement.

  6. And I'm grateful for you, dear Seeker. I'm so happy and honored to have found you. And I've expressed my gratitude in my post today. Come check it out when you get a chance. No obligation to do anything; just know you're appreciated!

  7. Dearest Seeker,
    Well, you have come a long way since your accident and I too knew what it meant to be fed as I got almost completely paralyzed in January 2010. Luckily I'm fine due to Prednisone at that time. Life goes on and we have to look for the little pleasures around us in nature and in the joy of drinking a simple tea... God is showing us in nature so often how resilient plants, animals and humans can be after a natural disaster. Not immediately things come back to perfect stage but over time; with patience.
    So during the coming season of Holy Week, leading to Easter may it be a very special and happy one for you.

  8. I love that quote, beautiful. And congratulations on making it through your journey to today -- with gratitude.

  9. I'm grateful too, dear Seeker. I'm still alive and willing to live. There were many dark days over the last 2 months, but I made it here. God doesn't give us burdens too heavy to carry, after all.
    Thank you for your words and kindness.


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