Monday, 19 May 2014

here I am in black, pink and blue......

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and missing you.
I hope everything is great with you.
I’m sorry I haven’t been a present blogger, these days, but I’ve been dealing with some issues and also with some ghosts.
Well, I also think that blogging in a foreign language doesn’t help me. It’s not like as if you write in your own language, with words flowing to your mind without thinking much.
Language can reflect the environment, people’s lives, customs, and values people hold. When people communicate with others, they do not only select words and form sentences but also make cultural choices.
Each language has its own genius and is particularly able to express some kind of concepts and less able to express others.
So if even people who have good language proficiency may misinterpret the cultural signals, leading to confusion and misunderstanding without the support of cultural knowledge.
So sometimes I feel that I have a zillion things to say and that I have no way to tell them, because I’m unable to express myself, I can’t communicate them in an understandable manner for my readers, without being too much time consuming.

But meanwhile I cut my hair with an asymmetric short style. I loved it the first day, now I’m not so sure, just because I’m so bad with hair do.

short hair
Aspect of my new hair style

pink blazer blue shirt

Today it was such a shining day, one of the best we had in a few days…. It seems that Spring is finally on its way. A season most wanted for all fashionistas because is a season that can be largely creative in outfit terms. Don’t you think?

pink blazer black pants

So I took the opportunity to shoot some pictures with this button down shirt that has, in my opinion, a very interesting detail with the black lace.
The necklace was a gift from Hubby.

pink blazer lace shirt

About our weekly Link Up Party “Très Chic Style Bits” it’s not forgotten. I’m sorry it’s off (I still have the account paid), but right now I don’t need more pressures.
Hope you’ll understand.


  1. You do whatever is necessary to be happy and healthy in mind and body. Your friends will always be here, supporting you and waiting patiently.

    Your outfit is terrific but I love the haircut best. Asymmetry has always intrigued me and with that vibrant color, I think it suits you indeed!

  2. You have chosen beautiful colors. The blazer ist wonderful and I love your gorgeous necklace, fits perfect. The shoes are great, I like this kind of shape very much.
    Here in Germany we had since the last weekend nice weather. The weeks before we had only November weather.

    wish you a nice and sunny week
    Dana :)

  3. My dearest friend ... you look tres chic!! I do love your new hair style and am loving your outfit .. the jacket is the perfect piece for the unpredictable temperatures of spring. - the pink looks great on you.

    So happy to see you posting again. The blog world readers understand that it's residents are from around the world ... just write my friend - the people who want to read and understand will. We are here for you ... hugs and blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

  4. Seeker, you look so stylish in the pink blazer, the picture of Spring. The new hair style suits you very well, a change is always good for us I find.
    So pleased to have you back, you have been in my thoughts. Write as you feel you can, take care.

  5. I love your new haircut. So stylish and edgy. Great.
    And your outfit is an excellent spring combination. Looking good girl! You might not feel 100%, but you sure look like it.

  6. Love the hair. And the outfit. Pink brings out your nice colour! Perfect!

  7. It's flattering! You know I'm keen on short hair right now, but I think this look is good for you in lots of ways. The asymmetricality is very of the moment, and suits the shape of your face. Your more unstructured bangs look fabulous, and it's nice to see such versatility in short hair. And of course I love the color. I like it a lot, and like you, I am still going through the learning curve making a new style work daily. So far, it looks polished and saucy at the same time ... suits your personality!
    You're quite right that the blouse adds interest with the lace, and I'm liking the menswear styling with it, only in strong feminine color.
    You look as sunny as the day!

  8. I haven't visited your blog in over 4 years.... But as soon as I saw your pic, WOW YOU HAVE NOT AGED!!! and haircut really suits you. :)
    You still look very Zara-ish in your blazers and i love how you add colour in your outfits :-)

  9. Love the outfit and the hair! :-)


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